Afternoon Quiz 1

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1. Which activity is celebrated in Hemingway?s story Death in the Afternoon?

2. What is the common Latin phrase for afternoon?

3. What sort of crime is the focus of the 1975 film ?Dog Day Afternoon??

4. A 1968 hit by The Small faces begins ?Lazy Sunday afternoon, got no time to?.? What?

5. They came from a land in which it seemed always afternoon ? is a line from the Lotus Eaters by which famous poet?

6. Prelude to the Afternoon of a faun was written by which French Composer?

7. In 1997 which Radio channel announced that it was dropping the program The Afternoon shift?

8. Which director, the husband of Nanette Newman directed the film Seance on a wet afternoon?

9. Which celebrated 19th century American poetess wrote ?There?s a certain slant of light on winter afternoons that oppresses??

10. Which group had a number 1 record in 1966 with Sunny Afternoon?


1. Bull Fighting

2. Post Meridiem

3. Bank Robbery

4. Worry

5. Tennyson

6. Debussy

7. Radio 4

8. Bryan Forbes

9. Emily Dickinson

10. The Kinks


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