Brussels Sprouts Quiz 1

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1. Which strong smelling cheese with a brown rind hails from North Eastern Belgium?

2. What name is given to the region of Europe that comprises of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg?

3. Which famous artist began his career in the 1880s when he took drawing lessons in Brussels?

4. Which two languages are spoken in Belgium?

5. The European Parliament hold meetings in two European cities. One is Brussels, what is the other?

6. Eddie Merckx is, arguably, Belgium's most famous sportsman. In which sport did he win his fame?

7. What did the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot like exercising when soling his cases?

8. What is the name of the belligerent, wing-helmeted Belgian comic-strip character who first appeared 1959.

9. Which city in northern Belgium is regarded as one of the world's busiest ports?

10. The Belgian Blue is a breed of what? Is it 
    a) cattle, 
    b) sheep or 
    c) ostrich


1. Limburger

2. Low Countries (Benelux is an economic union of the three countries)

3. Vincent Van Gogh

4. Flemish and French

5. Strasbourg (France)

6. Cycling

7. Little Grey Cells

8. Asterix the Gaul

9. Antwerp

10. a) Cattle


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