Daves Quiz 4

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1. Which of the following American cities is the oldest:
    a: Oklahoma
    b: Boston
    c: San Diego
    d: Philadelphia

2. Which is the only insect in the world that can turn it's head to look directly behind itself?

3. If you were given a Mickey Finn in a bar, what would you have?

4. Who is James Bond's CIA partner?

5. The Welland Ship Canal links which two of the great lakes?

6. The aircraft from which country display the marking "HK"?

7. What ingredient is wrapped in bacon to make the dish known as "Angels on Horseback"?

8. Which famous family lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace?

9. In which film does Robert de Niro play the role of Travis Bickle?

10. What are inflamed if you are a sufferer of Nephritis?

11. A replica Statue of Liberty exists in which small European Country/region?

12. Plus or minus 5%, what percentage of Icelandic women go to university?

13. Being born without what is called microtia?

14. The Russian word for "satellite", seven letters

15. An ant-eaters favourite food and sniffer dogs can detect them, what are they?

16. True or false: It took twenty-three years for the Qu'ran to be completed


1. b: Boston

2. The praying mantis

3. A spiked (with a drug) drink

4. Felix Leiter

5. Erie and Ontario

6. Colombia

7. Oysters

8. The Simpsons

9. Taxi Driver

10. Your kidneys

11. Kosovo

12. 96%

13. Ear(s)

14. Sputnik

15. Termites

16. True - The Qu'ran was revealed to the Prophet at different places throughout his life


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