Irish Politics Quiz 1

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1. Who did Ahern succeed as Taoiseach?

2. When was the first recorded Irish parliament?

3. Which Mary became Irish president in 1991?

4. What is the minimum age allowed for an Irish president?

5. Which supreme Court judge resigned during 1999 as a result of the "Sheedy Affair"?

6. In which 'season' was there a Rising in 1916?

7. Which former Progressive Democrat Senator left the party and moved to Fine Gael in 2000?

8. What does the R stand for in RUC?

9. What day of the week was the 'Bloody' 30th of January 1972?

10. Which David was elected Northern Ireland First Minister in 1998?

11. Which Seamus was his deputy?

12. Which Peter resigned as Northern Ireland Secretary over a 'sleaze' scandal?

13. Who was the head of the Patten Commission?

14. The Irish Free State was known as which part of Ireland?

15. Which British group of nations did Ireland leave in 1949?

16. Which London Street was the name of a declaration during the peace process?

17. What nationality was George Mitchell whose Mitchell Principles were part of the peace negotiations?

18. Which Easter holy day was the name of an Agreement during the peace process?

19. In which decade did Ireland join the EC?

20. Which Irishman John brokered the Downing Street Declaration?

21. On putting his name to the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, who said 'I have signed my own death warrant'?

22. Which Nobel prize did John Hume and David Trimble jointly win?

23. How long is a presidential term in Ireland?

24. How many consecutive terms may an Irish President serve?

25. Which Mary became president in 1997?


1. John Bruton

2. 1264

3. Robinson

4. 35 years

5. Hugh O' Flaherty

6. Easter

7. Helen Keogh

8. Royal

9. Sunday

10. Trimble

11. Mallon

12. Mandelson

13. Chris Patten

14. Southern Ireland

15. Commonwealth

16. Downing Street

17. American

18. Good Friday

19. 1970s

20. Hume

21. Michael Collins

22. Peace

23. 7 years

24. 2

25. McAleese


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