Love and Marriage Quiz 1

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1. Which rock and roll singer?s marriage in 1958 to his 14-year-old cousin caused a scandal in UK?

2. Whom did TV and movie star, Robert Wagner twice marry?

3. Which sportsman did actress Brook Shields marry in April 1997?

4. Who connects the groups Simple Minds, Big Audio Dynamite and Oasis?

5. Who was BBC?s female commentator on the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer?

6. And which Coronation Street soap couple had walked up the aisle two days previously?

7. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell passionately in love while they were filming which epic?

8. Which French singer is coupled with actor Johnny Depp?

9. Which actress was married to Humphrey Bogart?

10. Mary Queen of Scots wrote the casket letters to her lover with whom she plotted to kill her husband. Who was the recipient of the letters?


1. Jerry Lee Lewis

2. Natalie Wood

3. Andre Agassi

4. Patsy Kensit

5. Angela Rippon

6. Ken Barlow & Deidre Langton

7. Cleopatra

8. Vanessa Paradis

9. Lauren Bacall

10. Earl Of Bothwell


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