Vampires Quiz 1

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1. Who is the creator of the character Count Dracula?

2. Dracula comes from the area called Transylvania. In which country is transylvania?

3. Who is the arch rival of Count Dracula?

4. On who is the character Dracula allegedly based?

5. On his death which famous horror film star was buried in his Dracula costume?

6. Which famous british actor portrayed dracula in the video to pet shop boys song Heart??

7. What film is generally regarded as the very first vampire movie?

8. Which British film company was responsible for the production of many of the vampire movies of the 60?s and 70?s?

9. Which actor does the interviewing in the film Interview with a Vampire?

10. What is the name of Dracula?s insane henchman? Is it Vladimir, Renfield, Victor, Karlof or Bill


1. Bram Stoker

2. Romania

3. Professor Von Helsing

4. Vlad the impaler

5. Bela Lugosi

6. Ian McKellen

7. Nosferatu (1921)

8. Hammer Films

9. Christian Slater

10. Renfield


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