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1. Which dubious 1978 land deal in the Ozarks cast a shadow over Bill Clinton?s presidency?

2. Name the dictator ousted by American troops and later put on trial in Florida for drugs trafficking?

3. Name one of the two British comedians who made news by dying within a day of each other in 1992?

4. In 1989 newspaper editors Andrew Neal and Donald Trelford dated which former Miss India?

5. Name the former Pakistani Prime Minister sacked in 1990 amid accusations of constitutional manipulation?

6. Who went missing, presumed drowned, on a Miami beach in 1974 only to be arrested later in Australia?

7. Which Premiership Manager was rushed to hospital on Saturday 13th September 2001 and underwent heart surgery the next day

8. What is the name of Steven Byers special adviser who sent an E-Mail within an hour of the World Trade Centre being struck urging Ministers to use the tragedy to bury bad news?

9. Which headline making divorce became absolute on the 28th August 1996?

10. Name the dignified black American tennis player who died in 1993 after contracting AIDS from a transfusion?


1. Whitewater

2. Manuel Noriega

3. Frankie Howard And Benny Hill

4. Pamela Bordes

5. Benazir Bhutto

6. John Stonehouse

7. Gerard Houllier

8. Jo Moore

9. Prince Charles And Princess Diana

10. Arthur Ashe


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