Transport Quiz 3

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1. Which locomotive reached a record speed of 97.5mph (157km/h) on the London to Leeds run in 1934?

2. What container port on the Thames replaced the Port of London Docks as they closed down?

3. Which car maker received the first royal warrant as a supplier of motor cars to the Crown?

4. What propelled Leon Serpollet's car when he broke the world speed record at 110 km/h (74 mph) in 1902?

5. The name of which 19th-century American maker has become synonymous with luxury railway cars?

6. What prestigious cruise liner was requisitioned as a hospital ship during the Falklands War?

7. Which 19805 gull-wing sportscar was produced in Northern Ireland before the company went bust?

8. Who is currently having what is likely to be the worlds most expensive holiday?

9. What ill-fated high-speed train with a revolutionary tilting mechanism was revealed by British Rail in 1981?

10. Until Henry Ford formed his own company in 1903, which great inventor-friend employed him?  


1. The Flying Scotsman

2. Tilbury

3. Daimler

4. Steam

5. George Mortimer Pullman

6. The QE2  (Canberra and Uganda are other possible answers)

7. The Delorean

8. Dennis Tito (First tourist in space)

9. Advanced Passenger Train

10. Thomas Edison


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