Sunday Quiz 1

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1. What is usually commemorated on the second Sunday in November?

2. Which Sunday newspaper was founded by Lord Beaverbrook in 1921?

3. In which year did the House of Commons pass the bill that lifted most of the restrictions off Sunday trading?

4. Which Pacific island was first discovered by Europeans on Easter Sunday in 1722?

5. When is Low Sunday?

6. Who was it that the Sunday Times alleged had collected ?12m commission on ?320bn worth of defence contracts that Saudi Arabia had awarded to British companies?

7. In most forms of Christianity, the Sabbath is observed on Sunday? When does the Sabbath start for Jews?

8. According to the popular rhyme, if a child is born on Sunday, what four characteristics will it have?

9. Prior to the 1988 change to the licensing laws, at what time did a pub have to shut on a Sunday afternoon?

10. Which 'Sunday Night At The London Palladiums Presenters Catchphrase Was You Lucky People?  


1. Remembrance Sunday

2. Sunday Express

3. 1993

4. Easter Island

5. A week after Easter

6. Mark Thatcher

7. Friday evening (runs until Saturday evening)

8. Fair and wise and good and gay (half marks for 1 or 2 correct, full marks for 3 or 4 correct). The 'bonnie' and 'blithe' is a myth.

9. 2 (in 1988 it was extended until 3 - all day came later)

10. 1. Tommy Trinder


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