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The following quiz was kindly Compiled by Kaushik Bhattacharya. Many thanks Kaushik, a very interesting round of questions there.

1) The two enterprising brothers once sponsored a renowned cyclist named Charles Terront to enter a bicycle race from Paris to Brest in 1898. Using their patented invention, Terront went on to win the race by a full eight hours because he found it easier to repair the punctures. Name the brothers and their company.

2) Issigonis had plenty of practical engineering experience but no real academic training. In fact, he failed his Math exam three times at Battersea Technical College. But owing to his fertile imagination, often compared to that of da Vinci, he was knighted for his contribution to the mankind. What was his brainchild?

3) Napoleon Bonaparte once said of this: ?In victory you deserve it, in defeat you need it.? Later on, he honoured his old friend Jean-Remy ______ with the title ?Brut Imperial? which still appears on the label of this brand. Name the brand.

4) When the London Telephone Exchange changed its numbers from 01 to 0171 and 0181, which company, seeing it as an opportunity to get some mileage for its brand, ran an advertisement?

5) Which brand was bought by Lever Brothers in the year that saw the Treaty of Versaillies and the historic achievement of Nancy Astor, the first female MP taking her chair in the House of Commons?

6) During the ?Big Freeze? of 1966 when the power failed at this particular factory in Drachten (Holland), it borrowed two generators from the famous Boltini Circus to keep its production on the roll. Name the brand that truly changed the face of mankind.

7) This brand?s timeline moves like this: 
    1879 ? Manufacturing of insulated telegraph wires. 
    1886 ? Making submarine telegraph cables. 
    1890 ? The birth of first bicycle tyre. 
    Oddly, this brand?s popularity became a household (quite literally) name with the dawn of 1964.

8) Launched as ?Rowntree?s Chocolate Crisp? in 1935, it is believed to be inspired by a famous Whig Literary club founded in the eighteenth century by Christopher K, which reached its popularity peak in the 1920s.

9) Its wrapper is sometimes used as currency on the Indonesian island of Bali = one _____ is worth three hundredths of a penny. Name the brand.

10) A member of Bolton Primrose Harriers in Lancashire, he named it as Fosters in 1895 and the story goes that he made it because he couldn?t afford it in the first place. Today, it is named after the African gazelle. Name it.


1: Andre & Edward Michelin, Michelin Tyres. Michelin Man is called Bibendum and he was created by O?Galop, a maverick artist, and was named by Thery ? a famous racer of that era.

2: The Mini in 1959 (Sir Alec Issigonis).

3: Moet & Chandon champagne.

4: Perrier for ?Eau71? and ?Eau81?. Incidentally, St. John Harmsworth, the founder of Perrier named it after Dr. Perrier who had introduced it to him when he went to Vergeze to recuperate after a motor accident in 1903.

5: Persil, 1919.

6: Philishave.

7: Pirelli.

8: Kit Kat.

9: Polo.

10: Reebok.


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