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The following quiz questions were submitted by Matt Pegg in the UK, thanks Matt!

1. Fleegle, Snorky, Bingo and Drooper were collectively known as what?

2. Although "Dancing Queen" gave ABBA their only number 1 in the USA on 9 April 1977,  which song (which reached number 3 in 1978) measured in sales and other statistics, actually remains the group's biggest American hit?

3. The first reasonably valid IQ test in the world was developed by: 
    a: Alfred Binet 
    b: Lewis Terman 
    c: David Wechsler or
    d: William Stern?

4. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had how many children:
    a: 4
    b: 7
    c: 9
    d: none

5. Name the former England cricketer who publicly stood by hair loss company Advanced Hair Treatment?

6. The name of which African noctural mammal comes from the Dutch for "earth pig"?

7. What do the following people have in common: 
    John F. Kennedy, 
    Leonardo da Vinci, 
    John Lennon, 
    George Bush, 
    Pope John 2nd and 
    Wolfgang Mozart?

8. Which important instrument of science was reintroduced to western Europe, during the late Middle Ages, by Pope Sylvester II? Six letters and the fifth is a 'U'.

9. Around 500 B.C., which of the greats of ancient Greece was the first major figure to propose that the Earth is spherical?

10. What was Madame Curie's maiden name:
    a: Maria Sklodowska
    b: Mary Smith
    c: Marie DuPont
    d: Margarete Mueller?


1. The Banana Splits - American Children's TV series in the 70s and 80s

2. Take a chance on me

3. a: Alfred Binet

4. c: 9 children

5. Graham Gooch

6. Aardvark

7. They all have airports named after them.


9. Pythagoras Pythagoras, he of the famous theorem, was not only fascinated by numbers. In reality, he and his followers, active in Croton in southern Italy from the 6th century B.C., were fascinated by all aspects of the physical world, and delved into metaphysics as well. Pythagoras' conception of the world as a sphere came via his repeated journeys on business ships traveling around the Mediterranean. Apparently, seeing the position of the stars shift in the night sky based on location was enough to convince Pythagoras that the Earth was not a flat, floating disk, as his contemporaries had theorised

10. a: Maria Sklodowska, she was born in Poland, the fifth child of Bronislawa and Vladislav Sklodowska. She was called "Manya" by her family.

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