Ad Slogan Quiz 1

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The following are advertising slogans past-and-present. For each slogan, simply name the advertising company.

a. Put a tiger in your tank

b. The spirit of Australia

c. In tests, eight out of ten owners said their cats preferred it.

d. Life's Good

e. Finger lickin' good!

f. The sweet you can eat between meals without losing your appetite

g. Driven by passion

h. The Choice of a New Generation

i. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

j. Tick follows tock follows tick follows tock

k. The world's favourite airline

l. Zoom Zoom (Zoom)

m. Unleash the power of the sun

n. Once you pop the fun don't stop

o. I'm lovin' it

p. It Gives You Wings

q. The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

r. Coffee at its best

s. Vorsprung durch Technik


u. Let's Make Things Better

v. Because you're worth it

w. Hello boys

x. Full of Eastern Promise

y. Va-va-voom

z. Just What the Doctor Ordered

Each of the above slogans is copyright of it's respective owner. Copyrighted slogans have been used here as part of a quiz. No intentional copyright violation has been made.


a. Esso / Exxon (Petrol)

b. Quantas (airlines)

c. Whiskas (Cat food)

d. LG - LG Electronics (Consumer electronics)

e. KFC (Fast food)

f. Milky Way! (Chocolate bar)

g. FIAT (Motor car company)

h. Pepsi (Cola drink)

i. FedEx (Federal Express logistics company)

j. Guinness (Irish beer / stout)

k. British Airways (Airline)

l. Mazda (Motor car company)

m. Sunny Delight (Orange flavoured drink)

n. Pringles (Processed crisps / chips)

o. Mc Donald's (fast "food")

p. Red Bull (Energy drink)

q. M&M's (Chocolate)

r. Nescafe Gold Blend (Instant Coffee)

s. Audi (Motor car company)

t. Budweiser (Beer)

u. Philips (Electronics)

v. L'oreal (Cosmetics and haircare)

w. Playtex Wonderbra

x. Fry's Turkish Delight (Chocolate)

y. Renault (Motor car company)

z. L&M Cigarettes (amazingly!) / Dr. Pepper (Carbonated drink - thanks to Jonya Cox for adding to this answer)

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