Alfreds Quiz 2

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The following questions have been provided by Alfred from Germany. Thanks again Alfred!

1. What is the nasal cycle?

2. What is the maximum penalty for having o r a l  s e x   in Michigan?
    a: 5 Years
    b: 15 years
    c: life sentence
    d: death penalty

3. In Switzerland, recruitable males are allowed (and required) to take their rifle home and to keep it ready. So in most households there is a serviceable gun. Relative to population, about how many more Swiss are shot dead every year than people from the neighboring countries?
       a: about 4x
       b: about 12x
       c: about  33x
       d: about 100x

4. Which film was nominated for eleven Oscars and did not win any?
       a: The Color Purple
       b: Once upon a Time in America
       c: One Flew over the Cuckoo?s Nest
       d: Casablanca

5. Talking about Casablanca: In the list of the 100 Best Movie Quotes issued by the American Film Institute, Casablanca holds the record with 6 entries, with which six quotes?

6. Which was the youngest person that has ever been awarded an Oscar? (Clue: It was a girl, but not Shirley Temple)

7. Many years after which football world cup game, one of the participating players wrote in his memoirs: ?We were in panic that we might be executed in the case of a possible defeat??

8. According to the Bible: which son of Adam and Eve is the ancestor of Noah, and consequently of all recent humans?

9. Which does not exist?
       a: Alice-In-Wonderland Syndrome
       b: Rapunzel Syndrome
       c: Barbie Syndrome
       d: Mary.Poppins Syndrome

10. Who was elected by American TV viewers the ?Greatest Living American? in 2005?
       a: George W. Bush
       b: Oprah Winfrey
       c: Lance Armstrong
       d: Hugh Hefner 


 1. The fact that most people are using their nostrils not simultaneously, but alternately

2. c: life sentence

3. a: about 4x

4. a: The Color Purple

5. Six Answers:
    Here's looking at you, kid
    Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
    Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By?
    Round up the usual suspects
    We'll always have Paris
    Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine

6. Tatum O'Neal (for her role in "Paper Moon" when she was 10)

7. The 1934 Final Italy vs Czechoslovakia. The Player was Raimundo Orsi from Italy. Italy won 2:1 after extra time.

8. Seth

9. d: Mary.Poppins Syndrome

10. a: George W. Bush

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