Steven's Quiz 14

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1. What world-famous fictional character was named after a real-life American ornithologist who wrote Birds of the West Indies?

2. What is the generic term for any beer cocktail consisting of a beer and shot, consumed either together or seperately?

3. Which amendment to the US Constitution bars voting discrimination based upon race, color or previous condition of servitude?

4. What M*A*S*H character was played by both Donald Sutherland and Alan Alda?

5. For what film did Judi Dench win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1998?

6. Which Simon & Garfunkel song contains the line 
    "In the quiet of the railway station, runnin' scared"?

7. What Beatles song begins with the line
    "There's a fog upon L.A."?

8. What famous Italian priest claimed to bear stigmata for 50 years until his death in 1968?

9. In the Harry Potter books, what mammal is the mascot of Hufflepuff House?

10. What comic book character is the superhero alter ego of James Howlett?

11. What West African nation has the capital Yamoussoukro?

12. Who was US president in between John Quincy Adams and Martin van Buren?

13. Which Arab nation has a constitution which specifically requires the president to be a Christian?

14. What celebrity gave a very candid interview to Vanity Fair in 1992 which caused an uproar over her fitness to be a mother?

15. Who wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom?

16. What Jimi Hendrix song contains the lyric "Loneliness is such a ... drag?"

17. For two weeks in 1965, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs had their best-selling hit song at #2 in the pop charts. Name the song.

18. What four-letter abbreviation did the Roman Republic (and later Empire) use as a motto?

19. What 1973 movie was based upon Harvard Law grad John Jay Osbourne Jr.'s 1970 book of the same title?

20. According to Article I of the US Constitution, how old must you be to hold a seat in the Senate?


1. James Bond

2. A Boilermaker

3. 15th Amendment

4. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce

5. Shakespeare in Love

6. The Boxer

7. Blue Jay Way

8. Padre Pio

9. A Badger

10. Wolverine

11. Cote d'Ivoire

12. Andrew Jackson

13. Lebanon

14. Courtney Love

15. T. E. Lawrence

16. Burning of the Midnight Lamp

17. Wooly Bully

18. SPQR

19. The Paper Chase

20. Thirty

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