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This quiz was provided by Eoin O'Neil from Ireland, thanks very much Eoin!

1. Who wrote the teen fantasy novel "Artemis Fowl", was it:
    a: J.K Rowling,
    b: J.R.R Tolkien,
    c: Eoin Colfer or 
    d: Susan Copper?

2. What is the name of the language of which Hindi and Urdu are a part of?

3. A "Congo eel" is:,
    a: An eel found in the Congo,
    b: A Salamander found in the Congo,
    c: An eel not found in the Congo,
    d: A Salamander not found in the Congo

4. One fathom is how many metres?

5. The following quotes are from which famous movies:
    a: "Go ahead, make my day"
    b: "You talking to me?"
    c: "They call me Mister Tibbs!"
    d: "Round up the usual suspects"
    e: "If you build it, he will come"
    f: "Stella! Hey, Stella! "
    g: "Here's Johnny!"

6. Sportsman Sachin Tendulkar is best known for participating in which sport?

7. Which of the following people is known as a famous Geologist:
    a: G.W Crile,
    b: Sir William Crockes,
    c: Marie Curie,
    d: Baron George Curvier

8. A Scapula is the medical name for which part of the body?

9. How long is a Martian day, is it:
    a: 21 hours 15 minutes 16.9 seconds,
    b: 22 hours 15 minutes 56.3 seconds,
    c: 24 hours 37 minutes 22.6 seconds,
    d: 19 hours 15 minutes 28 seconds

10. Staying with astronomy, Mercury orbits the sun at terrific speed. Why? Is it :
    a: To protect itself from heat,
    b: To avoid being disintegrated,
    c: To avoid beign sucked into the Sun's gravitational field,
    d: Due to the Sun's gravitational pull


1. c: Eoin Colfer

2. Hindustani

3. d, a Salamander not found in the Congo

4. 1.8 Metres to the fathom

5. Seven Answers:
    a: Sudden impact
    b: Taxi driver
    c: In the heat of the night
    d: Casablanca
    e: Field of dreams
    f: A streetcar named Desire
    g: The shining

6. Cricket

7. d: Baron George Curvier

8. Shoulder blade

9. c: 24 hours 37 minutes 22.6 seconds

10. c: To avoid beign sucked into the Sun's gravitational field,

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