Matts Quiz 2

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This quiz has been submitted by Matt from Australia, thanks a lot Matt, great job! (Matts Quiz 1 was from Matt from the UK, this is another Matt!)

1. Which political party did former Australian Opposition Leader Mark Latham come from?

2. In 'Thomas the Tank Engine', what colour train is Percy?

3. Who is the voice behind the cat character, Garfield?

4. George Herman Ruth was famous for playing which sport?

5. What three colours feature on the Russian flag?

6. What is the name given to egg-laying mammals, which the only two in the world are the echidna and platypus?

7. How many spokes are on the Indian flag's blue wheel?

8. Who won the women's 2007 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?

9. What were the old fashioned bicycles called that had a huge front wheel and a tiny back wheel?

10. In which century was the first esculator installed?


1. Labor Party

2. Green

3. Bill Murray

4. Baseball

5. Red, blue, white

6. Monotremes

7. 24 (Representing the 24 hours in a day)

8. Venus Williams

9. Penny-farthings

10. 19th Century

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