Nicknames Quiz 2

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1. What is the nickname given to Thailand’s notorious capital prison?

2. Elvis Presley was the King, Bruce Springsteen the Boss. What nickname was given to Donna Summer?

3. Who was nick named Hanoi Jane in 1972 because of her enemy propaganda broadcasts from Vietnam?

4. Which English King was nicknamed ‘The Hammer of the Scots’?

5. When Army pay-books were first issued in 1815 a name was filled in to show the soldiers how the book should be signed. This resulted in a nickname being given to British Troops. What was the Christian name that lead to this nickname?

6. Born in 1928 this actor made his debut in Fighter Squadron (1948). He later became known by the nickname "The baron of Beefcake". Can you name him?

7. What was the nickname of the World war I German Aviator Manfred von Richthofen?

8. What is the nickname of the plane that holds the official airspeed record of 2193 mph?

9. Which Scottish City has the nickname of Auld Reekie?

10. What nickname was given to General Manuel Noriega, the fallen leader of Panama?

11. Which boxer was known as the Brown Bomber?

12. Jacob Gershovitz composer and pianist was better known as who?

13. Whose nickname was Satchmo?

14. Francois Duvalier, president of Haiti until his death in 1971, was known by what nickname?

15. What was King George VI known until 1936?

16. Which famous American song writer began life as Israel Baline?

17. What is the name of Cricket’s Bearded Wonder?

18. What is Joe Cockers real first name?

19. In which US state is the city nicknamed 'Motown'?

20. Apart from Mad George, which kinder nickname did George III have?

21. What was the popular nickname of the person who murdered 8 prostitutes in the east end of London during 1887-1889?


1. The Bangkok Hilton

2. Queen of disco

3. Jane Fonda

4. Edward I

5. Tommy Atkins

6. Rock Hudson

7. The Red Baron

8. The Blackbird

9. Edinburgh

10. Pineapple face

11. Joe Louis

12. George Gershwin

13. Louis Armstrong

14. Papa Doc

15. Prince Albert

16. Irving Berlin

17. Bill Frindall

18. John

19. Michigan

20. Farmer George

21. Jack the Ripper


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