Toys and Games Quiz 1

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1. Which game involves taking wooden blocks from a tower and placing them on top without making the tower fall?

2. In chess, which piece always moves diagonally?

3. What are the three denominations of army pieces in the game of risk?

4. In which game do you try to outmanoeuvre your opponent in placing hands and feet on coloured circles as directed by the spinner?

5. On which American city was the first American version of monopoly game based?

6. In which card game can you stick and twist?

7. Which manufacturer produces sonic the hedgehog computer games?

8. In Cluedo which two weapons are traditional weapons?

9. Name the toys that were “Robots in Disguise”?

10. Which king in a pack of cards does not have a moustache?  

11. In which year did the children’s toy clackers first hit the shops- 1971, 1973 or 1975?

12. Boot, battleship, dog, racing car, and flat iron. Which monopoly token is missing?

13. What was the junior version of the chopper bike called?

14. If all the tiles were used in a game of scrabble, how many squares would remain uncovered?

15. How many coloured squares are on a standard Rubik cube?

16. Which set of toy cars were launched by the inventor Frank Hornby?

17. In Brideshead Revisited what sort of toy was Aloysius?

18. Which toy, part of the Thunderbird range was voted “Toy Of The Year” in 1993?


1. Jenga

2. Bishop

3. Infantry, Calvary And Artillery

4. Twister

5. Atlantic City

6. Pontoon Blackjack

7. Sega

8. Dagger And Revolver

9. The Transformers

10. King Of Hearts  

11. 1971

12. Top Hat

13. Chipper

14. 125

15. 54

16. Dinky

17. Teddy Bear

18. Tracy Island


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