Travel and Tourism Quiz 1

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1) In which country would you find the original Legoland?

2) What is the Spanish name for a Bullfighter?

3) Which member of the Royal family favoured the holiday island of Mustique?

4) What does ?Costa Brava? mean? (White Sand, Sunny Coast, Wealthy Coast, Rugged Coast, Disco, Coast of Discos)

5) If you were reading Le Figaro with your morning breakfast, where would you be?

6) In Israel you will find shops shut during the Sabbath, when is this?

7) For which musical festival held in July is the town of Bayreuth in Germany famous?

8) Near which Egyptian city would you visit the Colossi of Memnon?

9) Which city was once known as Byzantium and later as Constantinople?

10) What is the name given to a lover of all things French?  


1) Denmark

2) Matador

3) Princess Margaret

4) Rugged Coast

5) France

6) From sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday

7) Wagner

8) Luxor

9) Istanbul

10) Francophile  


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