Colours Quiz 6

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1. What is the colour of the studs marking the left-hand edge of a motorway?

2. In motor racing what colour flag signifies that you are being followed closely and may shortly be overtaken?

3. What word can go before ?feather, noise and sauce??

4. Born in 1966, this athlete competes for Team Solent and has won European and Commonwealth Gold?s at 400m. Who is he?

5. What colour is known in French as Jaune?

6. Which American writer had over 100 western films based on his books filmed?

7. What was the title of the first Sherlock Holmes story?

8. Which pop group had a hit in the eighties with ?Fade to Grey??

9. Which of these colours is or are not the surnames of characters in the game Cluedo :- White, Green , Blue or Red

10. What rain fell for Michael Douglas in Ridley Scotts Japanese thriller of the eighties?  

What colour is each of the following

11. The flag of Libya

12. An Amethyst

13. A female blackbird

14. A moonstone

15. The largest mammal in the world

16. Sir Percy Blakeney?s pseudonym

17. A Clanger

18. The birthstone of January

19. Thunderbird 4

20. The murder victim in Cluedo  


1. Red

2. Blue

3. White

4. Roger Black

5. Yellow

6. Zane Grey

7. A Study in Scarlet

8. Visage

9. Blue and Red

10. Black  

11. Green

12. Violet

13. Brown

14. White

15. Blue Whale

16. Scarlet Pimpernel

17. Pink

18. Red garnet

19. Yellow

20. Doctor Black  


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