On The Stage Quiz 1

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1. What was the stage name of margarita Carmen Cansino?

2. Whose shows included gay?s the word and glamorous night?

3. In Which Gilbert and Sullivan operetta was Oscar Wilde?s dandyism parodied?

4. Where can a theatre named after Gracie fields be found?

5. Name the 17th century octagonal theatre recently reconstructed in Southwark.

6. Which famous actor was a pupil of Dr. Johnson?

7. Which show contains the song ol Man River?

8. Which playwright?s first successful novel, the good companions, was about a travelling theatre company?

9. What is the nickname of Broadway, New York?

10. Which contemporary playwright acted in the films the right stuff and steel magnolias?  


1. Rita Hayworth

2. Ivor Novello

3. Patience

4. Rochdale

5. The globe

6. David Garrick

7. Showboat

8. J b priestly

9. The great white way

10. Sam Shepard  


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