Pauls Household Genie Quiz 1

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1. In order to keep the water in your hot water bottle warmer longer one should add a little  
    a. vinegar and salt  
    b. cola and baking powder or 
    c. whisky and soda

2. In order to keep beer cold in the bathtub longer one should add a handfull of  
    a. baking powder  
    b. steel nails  
    c. salt  or 
    d. marbles

3. The smell of which one of the following will help make mosquitoes bug out or buzz off ?  
    a. a tomato plant  
    b. a rose bush  or 
    c. an aloe vera plant

4. Pouring which one of the following into the sink would not  help in keeping your kitchen drain clean and fresh as a daisy  ?  
    a. a cup of boiling water and salt  
    b. a glass of cola  
    c. a pint of stout  
    d. the left over water from boiled potatoes

5. Burns can be treated and heal quicker if you rub them with albumen. What is albumen ?

6. Candles will burn much longer if you do what with them a few hours beforehand ?

7. Before polishing leather shoes with a woolen cloth, they can be made to look spik and span if you rub them with  
    a. banana mash  
    b. apple juice  or 
    c. half an onion

8. In order to keep grass cuttings off the blades of your lawnmower one should rub them first with  
    a. salad oil  
    b. lemon juice or 
    c. mayonaisse

9. In order to soften raw hands, before massaging them with baby oil one could rub in  
    a. a teaspoon of salt  
    b. a teaspoon of sugar  or 
    c. a teaspoon of coriander powder

10. In order to avoid that cabbage smell in the kitchen, one should boil the cabbage with  
    a. lemon rind  
    b. a raw onion  
    c. shelled walnuts  or 
    d. a raw potato


1. a. vinegar and salt

2. c. salt

3. a. a tomato plant

4. c. a pint of stout

5. egg white

6. put them in the fridge

7. c. half an onion

8. a. salad oil

9. b. a teaspoon of sugar

10. c. shelled walnuts


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