Pauls Dragon Quiz 1

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1. The dragon slayer St. George was born in Cappodocia. In which modern day country is Cappodocia ?

2. The great and mighty dragon Ancalagon the Black inhabited which land ?

3. Which famous dragon amused himself "along the cherry lane" ?

4. Quetzalcoatl was a serpent god amongst which tribe ?

5. In Celtic mythology the dragon 'Master Stoorworm' was defeated by a young lad named Assipattle. Stoorworm's demise, it is said,  led to the creation of which four islands or group of islands ?

6. In which books would one find a dragon type called Romanian ?

7. Which two countries have a dragon on their flag ?

8. Who was Jormungandr's arch enemy ?

9. An English word for a vital body part and the Chinese word for dragon.

10. The dragon Fafnir was slain by which man ? 


1. Turkey

2. Middle earth (Tolkien's middle earth)

3. Puff the Magic Dragon. "Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane"

4. Aztecs

5. Orkney, Shetland , Faroe and Iceland.

6. Harry Potter books

7. Wales and Bhutan (note: In the top left hand corner of the flag of Malta there is a George Cross, Within the cross St George is depicted battling a dragon.)

8. Thor

9. Lung

10. Siegfried 


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