Pauls Ladies First Quiz 1

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1. Forced to mold the death masks of famous guillotine victims during the reign of terror, this famous French woman was the first to lay her hands on those unlucky heads of state and society. What was her name?

2. In which films did the following actors play the 'First Lady' ?   
    a. Siguorney Weaver  
    b. Glenn Close  
    c. Mary McDonnell  
    d. Wendy Crewson

3. Who was 
    a. the first female cosmonaut in space and 
    b. the first female astronaut in space ?

4. Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize?

5. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic?

6. Who defiantly said "I want them to see what they did to Jack" while wearing a blood stained pink Chanel suit ?

7. Which world famous and caring Italian born female was the first woman to be awarded the British 'Order of Merit' in 1908 ?

8. Lisa Clayton was the first woman to sail single handed and non stop around the world. She set sail from England in September 1994 in the vessel 'Spirit of Birmingham'.  Plus or minus 30 days, how long did the circumnavigation take ?

9. Name the 'First Lady' (or ex First Lady) who wrote each of the following memoirs?
a. Becoming  b. What Happened?  c. Betty: A Glad Awakening

10. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of both England and France, would probably have been first on Forbes list of the richest women in the world in her day. She had two famous sons, one adventurous and brave, the other nicknamed 'soft sword',  inept in military matters and famous for his signature. Name the two sons.


1. Madame Marie Tussaud

2. Four Answers:
    a. Dave  
    b. Mars Attacks  
    c. Independance Day  
    d. Air Force One

3. Two Answers
    a. Valentina Tereshkova  
    b. Sally K. Ride

4. Marie Curie

5. Amelia Earhart.   According to the CBC, she is the only one to do this.

6. First Lady Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy

7. Florence Nightingale.  Florence was born in Florence.

8. 285 days

9. Three answers. a. Michelle Obama  b. Hillary Clinton  c. Betty Ford

10. Richard the Lionhearted and John (King) who signed the Magna Carta


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