Pauls Mean Quiz 1

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Choose the correct word that corresponds to each definition (From the Oxford Dictionary)   

1.  an imaginary line on the earth's surface   
    a. riffler  
    b. zagazig  
    c. rhumb  
    d. excimer

2. eager or quick to argue or fight    
    a. abrogate   
    b. exigent  
    c. truculent  
    d. barbican

3. a traditional custom or idea adhered to although shown to be unreasonable   
    a. mumpsimus   
    b. priapism  
    c. cistercian  
    d. beurre manie

4. a pivot or spindle on which a bell swings   
    a. spool  
    b. gudgeon  
    c. swither  
    d. barre

5. an item of food    
    a. argot  
    b. cacodemon  
    c. chintz  
    d. viand

6. lying on something else  
    a. titular  
    b. superincumbent  
    c. abstruse  
    d. balustrated

7. the inherent nature or essence of someone or something  
    a. quiddity  
    b. analgesic  
    c. effulgence  
    d. beneficence

8. split or tear apart violently   
    a. rive  
    b. sidle  
    c. decoction  
    d. abhor

9. indulging only very moderatly in something, especially food and drink   
    a. abstemious  
    b. acclivity  
    c. bardolatry  
    d. effusive

10. Small European fresh water fish of the sculpin family   
    a. Farmers finger  
    b. Fishermans friend  
    c. Maidens pinky  
    d. Millers thumb


1. c. rhumb

2. c. truculent

3. a. mumpsimus

4. b. gudgeon

5. d. viand

6. b. superincumbent

7. a. quiddity

8. a. rive

9. a. abstemious

10. d. Millers thumb   (also known as a Bullhead)


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