Pauls Mean Quiz 2

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Choose the correct word that corresponds to each definition. (From the Oxford Dictionary)  

1. aiming or aimed at peace    
    a. hellenic   
    b. plutonic   
    c, hypnotic   
    d. irenic

2. laugh loudly   
    a. wheech   
    b. cachinnate   
    c. univocal  
    d. caboclo

3. a psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance   
    a. zydeco  
    b. vitilgo   
    c. tarantism  
    d. glycosuria

4. a small wad of lint or other soft material used to stop up a wound or opening in the body   
    a. pledget  
    b. kerf  
    c. volant  
    d. patootie

5. a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines   
    a. cacophony  
    b. fasciculation  
    c. feculence   
    d. borborygmus

6. causing harm or destruction especially by supernatural means   
    a. zowie  
    b. vitriol  
    c. malefic  
    d. juju

7. a quarrel or brawl  
    a. malapert  
    b. rammy  
    c. soursop  
    d. terramare

8. an outstanding group of seven people or things  
    a. heptateuch  
    b. septillion  
    c. ternate  
    d. pleiad

9. a very small quantity of something  
    a. zeroth  
    b. soupcon  
    c. zouk  
    d. malm

10. the urge to do something inadvisable  
    a. vituperation  
    b. irrefrangible  
    c. cacoethes  
    d. rakish


1. d. irenic

2. b. cachinnate

3. c. tarantism

4. a. pledget

5. d. borborygmus

6. c. malefic

7. b. rammy

8. d. pleiad

9. b. soupcon

10. c. cacoethes


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