Pauls Stamp Quiz 1

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1. 'Talking' postage stamps were introduced in 1973 in the form of very small (60mm-100mm), adhesive plastic records similiar to 45's !!  Needless to say they hardly worked. Which country issued them ?  
    a. Japan  
    b. USA  
    c. Bhutan

2. Plus or minus 5 years, when were the first postage stamps introduced ?

3. In which movie starring Cary Grant are the bad guys after expensive rare stamps ?

4. Who were the first two men to appear on US postage stamps ?

5. One of the first stamps with a naked lady was issued in Spain in 1931. It caused quite a scandal at the time in some circles. The naked lady depicted on the stamp was in fact a famous painting from Francisco Goya. Can you name the painting ?

6. Very few non Chinese have appeared on stamps issued by The Peoples Republic of China. With the aid of the following initials name some of those non Chinese men.  
    a. F.C.  
    b. A.E.  
    c. P.P.  
    d. J.S.  
    e. F.E.

7. What is the name of the floating independant principality in the North Sea, 6 miles of the coast of Suffolk, with its own postage stamps ?

8. What were the first four countries to issue postage stamps ?

9. Stamp collecting is called philately. What does it mean ?
   a. love of travel
   b. love of a world in miniature
   c. love of that which is tax free

10. With one word complete the names of some of the world's rarest and most expensive stamps.  
    a. Treskilling  
    b. Hawaian 
    c. British Guiana  1 c   
    d. Inverted  
    e. Red (or Blue) 
    f. Basel


1. c. Bhutan    (Bhutan is also responsible for unattractive plastic 3D stamps)

2. 1840

3. Charade

4. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington

5. The Naked Maya

6. Five Answers
    a. Fidel Castro  
    b. Albert Einstein  
    c. Pablo Picasso  
    d. Joseph Stalin  
    e. Friedrich Engels

7. Principality of Sealand

8. GB, USA, Brazil and Switzerland

9.  answer c.   Philos=love  ateleia=that  which is tax free  
    Love of that which is tax free

10. Six Answers
    a. yellow (banco) 
    b. missionaries    (one of the stamps in the film Charade)
    c. magenta  
    d. Jenny (airplane/airmail stamp)  
    e. Mauritius  
    f. dove


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