Pauls Wedding Quiz 1

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1. Tracy di Vicenzo and Aki were both married to which man?

2. What colour is the traditional wedding dress in China?

3. For each of the following grooms, name the best man.  
    a. David Beckham  
    b. Larry Fortensky  
    c. Josef Goebbels  
    d. Ronald Reagan  
    e. Jake La Motta

4. What does the Anglo Saxon word wed mean?

5. In Gilbert O'Sullivan's song 'Matrimony', what time are the couple supposed to be at the registrars office?

6. In the film Casablanca, what is the name of Ilsa's husband?

7. What are the names of Sir Michael Philip Jagger's two ex-wives?

8. Elazebeth Taylor has been married Eight times. Name the seven husbands.

9. Adolf Hitler and Ernest Hemmingway were both keen on marrying which actress?

10. Who sang the following songs?   
    a. Wedding Bell Blues  
    b. Brides of Frankenstein  
    c. Chapel of Love  
    d. Marriage on the Rocks
    e. Thousand dollar wedding
    f.  White wedding



1. James Bond.  Tracy in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' and Aki, albeit a phony marriage, in 'You Only Live Twice'.

2. bright red

3. Five Answers:
    a. Gary Neville  
    b. Michael Jackson  
    c. Adolf Hitler  
    d. William Holding  
    e. Sugar Ray Robinson

4. pledge

5. At nine. "I've no wish to hurry you luv, But have you seen the time, It's quarter to ten, And were supposed to be there at nine"

6. Victor Laszlo

7. Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall

8. Conrad Hilton, Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton, John Warner and Larry Fortensky.

9. Marlene Dietrich

10. Four Answers
    a. Fifth Dimension  
    b. OMD  
    c. The Dixie Cups  
    d. Waylon Jennings 
    e. Gram Parsons
    f. Billy Idol



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