Pauls Airplane Quiz 2

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Airplane Quiz1. Why did some people jokingly call Herman Goering 'Meier' during World War II?

2. Where did the worst air disaster in history occur on the 27th of March 1977?

3. What are 'roundels' ?

4. Each of the following played a high level role in which 'airplane' films?
    a. Leslie Nielsen
    b. Slim Pickens
    c. Halle Berry
    d. John Malkovich
    e. Gary Oldman
    f. Samuel L. Jackson
    g. Wesley Snipes
    h. Helen Hayes

5. What kind of 'hastely' made sleek plane crashed at the Paris Air Show on the 3rd of June 1973?

6. Who sang the following songs?   
    a. A320
    b. Sky Pilot
    c. Enola Gay
    d. Me-262
    e. Aces High
    f. Jet Airliner
    g. Flight 505
    h. Fly by Night
    i. Learning to Fly
    j. Snoopy vs The Red Baron
    k. International Jet Set
    l. Come Fly With Me

7. In which ground breaking film about airplanes did the very young Robert Shaw and Patrick McGoohan play bit roles?

8. According to both CNN and The Independant, which city has the worst (or most dangerous) airport in the world? Clue, the evasive measures taken during the landing are nerve wracking. 

9. Which country had the most pilots, namely four, in the list 'Top 10 Allied fighter aces of WW I' ? ( based on the number of planes shot down )

10. The many planes used for the shooting of which film in the late 60s were called "the 35th largest airforce in the world" ?   


1. Because he once said "If one enemy bomb falls on Berlin you can call me Meier".

2. Tenerife Spain. Two 747s collided on the runway killing 583 people.

3. The target like symbol found on Royal Flying Corps or RAF planes.

4. Eight answers  
     a. Airplane
    b. Dr. Strangelove
    c. Executive Decision
    d. Con Air
    e. Airforce One
    f. Snakes on a Plane
    g. Passenger 57
    h. Airport

5. The 'Russian' supersonic Tupolev TU-144

6. Twelve answers   
    a. Foo Fighters
    b. Eric Burdon and The Animals
    c. OMD
    d. Blue Oyster Cult
    e. Iron Maiden
    f. Steve Miller Band
    g. Rolling Stones
    h. Rush
    i.  Tom Petty
    j. Royal Gaurdsmen
    k. The Specials
    l.  Frank Sinatra

7. Dambusters

8. Bagdad

9. Canada - Billy Bishop 72, Raymond Collishaw 60, Donald Maclaren 54 and William George Barker 50.

10. The Battle Of Britain


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