Pauls Dance Quiz 1

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1. What was the name of the beguiling gypsy dancer in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

2. What does Mr Bojangles grieve about in the song Mr Bojangles?

3. Who was perhaps the greatest ballet dancer of the 20th century and a son of Northern Dancer?

4. The following are the first words to which dance songs?
    a. You move it to the left
    b. My baby moves at midnight
    c. Before this dance is through
    d. Heaven, I'm in heaven
    e. Three nights ago I was at a disco
    f. Hot sun beating down

5. Which famous tap dancer and actor was originaly casted as the tin man in The Wizard of OZ and appeared in the films Breakfast at Tiffanys and Broadway Melody?

6. With one word complete the following dance styles.
    a. Mashed
    b. Turkey
    c. Black
    d. Bunny
    e. Time
    f. Hully
    g. Hokey

7. Which 20th century ballerina was later edible?

8. The Tango is usually accompanied by a sextet consisting of two violins, a piano. a doublebass and two what?

9. With the aid of the following film characters, name the dance film.
    a. Tony Manero
    b. Alexandra Owens
    c. Ren McCormack
    d. Baby Houseman
    e. Gaz Schofield
    f. Don Lockwood

10. Many medieval paintings and woodcarvings depicted an allegory of which universal dance?

11. What kind of girls were Joan Blondell, Eve Arden, Paulette Godard and Barbara Stanwyck? 8 letters

12. According to Guinness, which famous dancer held both of the following records in the late 1990s:
    1. 35 taps per second and
    2. The highest paid dancer in the world with 1,600,000 dollars per week?

13. Who sang the following dance songs?
    a. The Safety Dance
    b. If U can't dance
    c. I can't dance
    d. I don't wanna dance
    e. Dancing with myself
    f. You should be dancing
    g. Rhythm is a dancer
    h. Cosmic Dancer
    i. Jenny Gotta Dance
    j. Dancing with Mr D

14. The following lines are spoken at the close of which popular film?
    "Teach me to dance will you" "Dance, did you say dance? Come on my boy!"

15. According to folklore, which hypnotic dance can cure a spiders bite?


1. Esmeralda

2. The death of his dog. "His dog up and died, dog up and died, after 20 years he still grieves"

3. Nijinsky. Vaslav Nijinsky the ballet dancer and Nijinsky the racehorse.

4. Six answers
    a. Harlem Shuffle
    b. You should be dancing
    c. I'm happy just to dance with you
    d. Cheek to Cheek
    e. Ain't gonna bump no more(with no big fat woman)
    f. I can't dance

5. Buddy Ebsen ( of Beverly Hillbillies fame) 

6. Seven answers
    a. Potato
    b. Trot
    c. Bottom
    d. Hop
    e. Warp
    f. Gully
    g. Cokey

7. Pavlova (the meringue dessert named after Anna Pavlova)

8. Bandoneons

9. Six answers
    a. Saturday Night Fever or Staying Alive
    b. Flashdance
    c. Footloose
    d. Dirty Dancing
    e. The Full Monty
    f. Singin in the Rain

10. Danse Macabre or Dance of Death.

11. Ziegfeld Girls (Ziegfeld Follies)

12. Michael Flatley

13. Ten answers
    a. Men without hats
    b. Spice Girls
    c. Genesis
    d. Eddy Grant
    e. Billy Idol
    f. Bee Gees
    g. SNAP
    h. T Rex
    i. Bay City Rollers
    j. Rolling Stones

14. Zorba the Greek

15. Tarantella


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