Cowboys and Indians Quiz 1

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1. Who was murdered in deadwood in 1876 by Jack mccall?

2. Who wrote the murder mystery 10 little Indians?

3. Which US city is home to the football team, the cowboys?

4. Which 1975 Oscar winning film featured a Native American in a leading role?

5. Who was the youngest general in the US army, and was later court marshalled, 9 years before his spectacular death in 1876?

6. In which city was the OK Corral?

7. What was the name of the gang headed by Butch cassidy and the Sundance kid?

8. Which well known ritual started in the 1870s among the Paiute before been taken up by many other tribes?

9. What was Sitting bulls tribe?

10. For what job were applicants told to risk death daily?


1. Wild Bill Hickok

2. Agatha Christie

3. Dallas

4. One flew over the cuckoos nest

5. George Custer

6. Tombstone

7. The Hole in the wall gang

8. The ghost dance

9. Sioux

10. The pony express


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