Comedians and Clowns Quiz 1

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1. Which playwright wrote the black comedies Loot & What the Butler saw?

2. Which studio produced such comedies as ?Passport to Pimlico? and ?Kind Hearts and Coronets? ?

3. Who sang the comic songs ?Mr Wu? and ?Cleaning Windows??

4. Which bespectacled silent film comedian was famous for his cliff hanging stunts?

5. Which school was created by the cartoonist Ronald Searle?

6. Which comedian of silent films was ruined in 1921 by a sex scandal?

7. Under what name did Maxwell George Lister do his funny walk?

8. Which magazine carried the ghoulish cartoons of Charles Addams, featuring the Addams family?

9. Who in the 1920?s wrote the Aldwych farces as ?A cuckoo in the nest? and ?Rookery Nook??

10. Which of the Marx Brothers was really named Arthur?

11. In The Likely Lads, whom did Bob eventually marry?

12. Who played the role of Robin's girlfriend in Robin's Nest?

13. What is Garth's occupation in Birds of a Feather?

14. In Only Fools and Horses, what is the name of Boycie's wife?

15. In Absolutely Fabulous, what was Edina's surname?

16. What was the name of Ma and Pa Larkin's eldest son?

17. In the second series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, which country did they all travel to?

18. What was Gunner Sugden's nickname in It Ain't Half-Hot Mum?

19. Who played the unscrupulous landlord in The Young Ones?

20. Who links Last of the Summer Wine with Wallace and Grommit?


1. Joe Orton

2. Ealing

3. George Formby

4. Harold Lloyd

5. St Trinians

6. Fatty Arbuckle

7. Max wall

8. New Yorker

9. Ben Travers

10. Harpo

11. Thelma

12. Tessa Wyatt

13. Chef

14. Marlene

15. Monsoon

16. Montgomery

17. Spain

18. Lofty

19. Alexei Sayle

20. Peter Sallis


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