Bad Guys Quiz 2

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1. What took place following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist?

2. Names of the 2 Indian Prime Ministers assassinated in1984 and 1991?

3. With which American city is the confessed murderer ?Albert de Salvo associated?

4. Who dedicated his life to killing Moby Dick?

5. In which month, in 44BC was Julius Caesar killed?

6. If you were accused of ?Macropocide?, what animals would you have killed?

7. Who won an ?Academy Award? for best actor for his role of a vicious killer and drunken gunfighter in the 1965 film ?Cat Ballou??

8. What exploded outside the House of Commons, killing a Policeman in 1869?

9. According to ancient mythology, which monster, killed by Hercules had nine heads?

10. At which riot was PC Keith Blakelock murdered in 1985?


1. World War l.

2. Indira and Rajiv Gandhi

3. Boston - He is the Boston Strangler

4. Captain Ahab.

5. March - Remember the ides of March.

6. Kangaroo?s.

7. Lee Marvin.

8. Traffic Lights. (They were the world?s first gas operated traffic signals).

9. The Hydra

10. Broadwater Farm


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