US Presidents Quiz 2

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US Presidents : Mount RushmoreThe following quiz round was very kindly donated by Paul A. Webster. Many thanks Paul, a great addition to our quiz library.

1. Who served the shortest term as president?

2. Which president was a bachelor?

3. What links the 22nd and 24th presidents?

4. Who served the longest term as president?

5. How old does a person have to be before becoming president?

6. Which president was divorced?

7. Who was the longest lived president?

8. Which president first received the Nobel Peace prize?

9. Which president was born Lesley King?

10.Four presidents have been assassinated; how many have died naturally in office? 


1. William Harrison (32 DAYS)

2. James Buchanan

3. They were the same person (Grover Cleveland)

4. F D Roosevelt (only one to be elected for 4 terms)

5. 35

6. Ronald Reagan

7. Gerald Ford (93+)

8. Theodore Roosevelt (1906)

9. Gerald Ford

10. 4 (W Harrison, Z Taylor, W Harding, F D Roosevelt)


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