Pot Luck Quiz 18

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1. What are the two main parties in the US?

2. What is the name of a two-coloured oblong cake covered with almond paste?

3. In which country is the city of Dresden?

4. Which brothers sang about the price of love?

5. Who wanted to ask the wizard of oz for courage?

6. In past times, what would a gentleman keep in his fob pocket?

7. What kind of creature is a cabbage white?

8. Who sang with the Miami sound machine?

9. Peter Docherty is associated with which sport?

10. What word can go before “holiday”, “relations” and “school”

11. Which family of plants does garlic belong to?

12. Which is the largest country on the Iberian peninsula?

13. What was the value of a rugby union try prior to 1971?

14. Which county formerly had Abingdon as its county town?

15. What shape is the trunk of the cotton wood tree?

16. What does the word mono mean in the words “monocle” or “monorail”?

17. What nationality was Marie Curie?

18. How many people are portrayed in Da Vinci’s the Last Supper?

19. Who was the first presenter of “ holiday” on BBC1?

20. In the old testament which book directly follows psalms?


1. Democrat, Republican.

2. Battenburg

3. Germany

4. The Everley Brothers

5. Cowardly Lion

6. Watch

7. Butterfly

8. Gloria Estefan

9. Football

10. Public

11. Lily

12. Spain.

13. 3 Points.

14. Berkshire.

15. Square.

16. Single.

17. Polish.

18. 13

19. Cliff Michelmore 

20. Proverbs.  


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