Pot Luck Quiz 19

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The following quiz round was submitted by Trevor Ellis from Spain. Many thanks Trevor, great job!

1. What did the W stand for in the Name F W Woolworth?

2. What was advertised in the 1980's with the slogan "If you see sid, tell him"?

3. What was the last port of call for the Titanic?

4. Where is there an American flag that has not been lowered since 1969?

5. Which theoretical temperature corresponds to -273.15 degrees Celsius.

6. Which is the longest month in the year?

7. Chomolunga and Sagarmatha are alternative names for what?

8. What is the highest peak in England?

9. Which spa town was the seat of the French government from 1940 to 1944?

10. What is reputed to be the most common street name in Britain?


1. Winfield.

2. The sale of British Gas shares.

3. Queenstown, Ireland (renamed Cobh in 1922).

4. On the moon.

5. Absolute Zero (0 degrees Kelvin)

6. October (31 days plus one hour)

7. Mount Everest.

8. Scafell Pike (NOT Scafell which is a nearby peak).

9. Vichy.

10. High Street.


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