Quiz of the Year 2000

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which film star died during the shooting of the Ridley Scott movie Gladiator?

2. In which film did Mel Gibson play a character called Rocky Rhodes?

3. Which Tory candidate for mayor of London had his ?10,000 Rolex watch stolen in 2000?

4. Who 'handbagged' Tony Blair in June 2000 by slow handclapping as he gave a speech?

5. What is the name of the footbridge across the River Thames opened in June 2000 which was closed just days later because it wobbled?

6. Which 18-year-old was photographed in December 2000 cleaning toilets in South America?

7. Which TV presenter and former wife of Bob Geldof was found dead in her Notting Hill home in September 2000?

8. What nickname was given to Eric Moussambani, the worst swimmer to compete in the 2000 Olympics?

9. Who in February 2000 took over from Jennie Page as the boss of the troubled Millennium Dome?

10. In 2000 it was suggested that which TV pub should change its name to the Boozy Newt?

11. Which shop had its Royal Warrant removed in February?

12. Who became the first ever boxer to be knighted in March?

13. Remembered for saying the police "had had a bloody good hiding" in the Broadwater Farm riots. Name the controversial MP who died in April aged 5

14. Which sporting duo picked up OBE's in May, 19 years after being awarded MBE's?

15. In July 58 asylum-seekers from which country, were found suffocated to death inside a freight container at Dover?

16. Who became the world's most expensive footballer when he moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid, in August, for ?40 million?

17. David Keanu Ronan Best became the latest edition to which TV family in October?

18. 3,000 people were evacuated from which city in November after the swollen waters of the river Ouse reached its highest level since 1625?

19. Detectives foiled "the world's biggest robbery" when they stopped a daring raid on ?350 million worth of diamonds on show were?

20. Model number 5,202,412, the last ever, rolled off the production line at Halewood. What was it?


1. Oliver Reed

2. Chicken Run

3. Steve Norris

4. The Women's Institute

5. The Milliennium Bridge

6. Prince William

7. Paula Yates

8. Eric The Eel

9. Pierre-Yves Gerbeau

10. The Rovers Return

11. Harrods

12. Sir Henry Cooper

13. Bernie Grant

14. Jane Torvill & Christopher Dean

15. China

16. Luis Figo

17. The Royle Family

18. York

19. Millennium Dome

20. The last Ford Escort


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