Quiz of the Year 1968

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Whose weekly TV show always opened with the song ?Step inside Love??

2. Which slogan did the Home Office launch as an anti-theft device?

3. What type of vehicle was the SRN4, the largest type to date?

4. What was the name of the blind and deaf scholar who died in the USA aged 88?

5. Which comedian committed suicide in his hotel room in Australia?

6. Pierre Trudeau was sworn in as the new PM of which Commonwealth country?

7. Which British coin was introduced to replace the ten-shilling note?

8. Which athlete introduced a new high jumping technique at the Mexico Olympics?

9. Which ill-fated US actress married film director Roman Polanski?

10. Which film song was at the top of the US charts for Simon & Garfunkel?

11. Which cricketer made his 100th Test appearance for England at Edgbaston?

12. Which new TV series saw John Alderton play a newly qualified schoolteacher?

13. Which county was Gary Sobers playing for when he hit a record six sixes in one over?

14. Which English player beat Billie Jean King in the US Open ladies tennis final?

15. Which film starring Steve McQueen featured the song ?Windmills Of Your Mind??

16. Which famous British children?s author died in November 1968?

17. The TU144, the first supersonic airliner made its maiden flight in which country?

18. Which American won the heavyweight boxing gold medal at the Mexico Olympics?

19. In which children?s film did the character Truly Scrumptious appear?

20. What ?5000 literary prize was first awarded in October 1968?


1. Cilla Black

2. Watch out, there?s a thief about

3. Hovercraft

4. Helen Keller

5. Tony Hancock

6. Canada

7. 50p piece

8. Dick Fosbury

9. Sharon Tate

10. Mrs Robinson

11. Colin Cowdrey

12. Please Sir

13. Nottinghamshire

14. Virginia Wade

15. The Thomas Crown Affair

16. Enid Blyton

17. Russia/USSR

18. George Foreman

19. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

20. The Booker Prize


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