Quiz of the Year 1999

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which of the following didn?t die in 1999; 
    Anthony Newley, 
    Joe Di Magio: 
    Oliver Reed; 
    Payne Stewart or 
    Ian Dury?

2. Who did Thabo Mbeki succeed?

3. Who wrote a book entitled Rogue Trader?

4. Bianca left Eastenders. Which actress played her?

5. Which Radio 2 presenter during a show slurred her speech, laughed, rambled, missed cues and accused a newsreader of soiling her underwear?

6. Whose ex wife told all in a book entitled "Slight and Delicate Creature"?

7. Jerry Hall tried to divorce Mick Jagger only to find out their wedding on which island was void?

8. Who died in a pub called The Pub, in Malta?

9. To which sportsman did Danni Minogue get engaged?

10. Which opera singer popped the question to his 29 Year old girlfriend?  

11. Which member of the royal circle was exposed as a cocaine user?

12. Why did 659 people losing their jobs make the news?

13. Which Chinese leader caused protests in London while he visited the Queen?

14. Which Minister took a car for less than ? mile between his hotel and a conference putting the excuse on not wanting to mess up his wife?s hair?

15. Who, allegedly, requested childrens exams to be made easier after previously vowing to resign in 2002 if any 11-year-old couldn?t read or write?

16. Which Royal couple appeared on a first-class stamp this year?

17. Who flashed her hairy armpits at a London film premiere?

18. Which Hampstead-born chat-show host recorded his TV show in England for the 1st time this year?

19. Who alleged that he was asked by the prolific liar Jeffrey Archer to provide a cover story for him during the Monica Coghlan trial?


1. Ian Dury (2000)

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Nick Leeson

4. Patsy Palmer

5. Sarah Kennedy

6. Robin Cook

7. Bali

8. Oliver Reed

9. Jacques Villeneuve

10. Luciana Paverotti

11. Tom Parker-Bowles (looking for Uncle Charlie took on a new meaning)

12. They were the Hereditary Peers ousted form the House of Lords

13. Deng Xio Ping

14. John Prescott

15. Blunckett

16. Edward & Sophie

17. Julia Roberts

18. Jerry Springer

19. Ted Francis


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