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1. Which German composer wrote the cantata "Be still, stop chattering", aka "The Coffee Cantata"?

2. What has more strings, 1 harp or 10 balalaikas?

3. In Van Gogh's 1888 paining of his wicker chair, which two objects are lying on the chair? (1 point per correct answer)

4. Who was the author of the book "The Art of War"?

5. Essex football club Stambridge United's 2006 shirts were banned because they had what written on them?

6. What is the fastest animal on two legs?

7. How many taste buds has the average human tongue? (+/- 5,000)

8. How many movies has Sylvester Stallone (co)directed: 
    a) none, b) 1, c) 3, d) 5 or e) 6?

9. On the TV series "North and South", what were the names of the characters played by Patrick Swayze and James Read?

10. Which American double Oscar winning actor, director and producer began his career as Richie Cunningham in the TV series "Happy Days"?

11. From which French r?gion is te apple brandy Calvados?

12. Proverbially, what is mightier than the sword?

13. What is the favourite summer residence of the British Royal family?

14. The song "She loves you" was written by which 2 Beatles? (BQ: in which city was it written?)

15. What instrument did jazz legend Jean Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt play?

16. Which French artist is best known for his paintings, drawings, and sculptures of ballerinas and race horses?

17. What did veterinarians remove in a 2-hour operation from the stomach of Burmese python "Houdini" in 2006?

18. In which organ of the body is insulin produced?

19. In 2006, Italy's highest appeals court ruled that it is a crime to force a wife to 
    a) kneel down and scrub the house floor clean, b) have sex with her husband, c) eat her own meals or d) watch football on TV?

20. By what name is painter Domenikos Theotocopoulos better known?


1. Johann Sebastian Bach

2. Harp (46/47) Balalaika 3 x 10

3. pipe & tobacco p

4. Sun Tzu

5. The Referee's a W*nker

6. ostrich

7. 10,000

8. d) 5

9. Orry Main, George Hazard

10. Ronald William "Ron" Howard

11. Lower Normandy

12. the pen

13. Balmoral Castle

14. John Lennon, Paul McCartney (Newcastle)

15. guitar

16. Edgar Degas

17. a queen-size electric blanket -- with the electrical cord and control box

18. Pancreas

19. a) kneel down and scrub the house floor clean

20. El Greco

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