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1. Which Gibraltar-born British designer is the chief designer of fashion house Dior?

2. The inhabitants of San Marino are called 
    a) Sanmarinese, b) Sanmarinians, c) Sanmarines or d) Sanmerinos?

3. The Saffir-Simpson Scale is a scale for measuring/classifying what?

4. Who was the last player to beat Andre Agassi in a competitive match? (BQ: in how many sets?)

5. What was the name of the little dog the Harts had in the TV series "Hart to Hart"?

6. Which American author was the creator of the TV series "ER - Emergency Room"?

7. Who fought whom in the Battle of Borodino on 7 September 1812? (BQ: who won?)

8. The Gulf of Sidra (aka Gulf of Sirte) is a body of water in which sea?

9. Before the completion of the Petronas Towers and Taipeh 101, in which city would you have found the world's tallest building? (BQ: what is its name?)

10. In fencing, which is the heavier weapon: the foil or the ep?e?


1. John Galliano

2. a) Sanmerinese

3. Hurricanes

4. Benjamin Becker (4)

5. Freeway

6. Michael Chrichton

7. Napoleon & Russian Tsar Alexander I (Napi won)

8. Mediterranean

9. Chicago (Sears Tower)

10. ep?e

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