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1. What is the combined length of Lee Redmond's fingernails, grown since 1979? (+/- 50cm)

2. Who was awarded the Golden Raspberry for "Worst Supporting Actor" in 1997: 
    a) Marlon Brando, b) Val Kilmer, c) Steven Seagal, Burt Reynolds or Quentin Tarantino?

3. On Friday 6th October 1854, a series of fires and explosions destroyed large parts of which English city?

4. On what continent would you find the world's second largest and second deepest lake? (BQ: what is its name?)

5. The women's equivalent of the Ryder Cup is the 
    a) Palmer Cup, b) Solheim Cup, c) Curtis Cup or d) Chrysler Cup?

6. What did Italian astronomer Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli believe he'd discovered on Mars in 1877?

7. Which metal is softer, silver or gold?

8. In which sport would you use a hackamore?

9. Which country is not in the same time zone as Germany: 
    a) Austria, b) Finland, c) Angola, or d) Albania?

10. Which people created the Cuneiform script: 
    a) Babylonians, b) Egyptians, c) Assyrians or d) Sumerians?

11. In which city was the Polish trade union federation Solidarno?? founded in September 1980?

12. The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of which Australian State: 
    a) Queensland, b) New South Wales or c) Victoria?

13. Which country is bordered by Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and China?

14. Which football national team is known a the Soca Warriors?

15. After London, which city was the second in the world to have a underground railway / metro / subway: 
    a) Budapest, b) Paris, c) Boston or d) Glasgow?

16. Which German engineer patented the world's first motorcycle in 1885?

17. What is the common term for an error in human action, speech or memory, believed to be caused by the unconscious mind?

18. What is the name of the mosque tower from which the muezzin calls people to prayer?

19. With how many pieces (or checkers) does each player start a game of backgammon?

20. Who defeated Persian king Darius III in the battle of Issos in 333?


1. 7.51m

2. a) Marlon Brando (The Island of Dr. Moreau)

3. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

4. Africa (Lake Tanganyika)

5. b) Solheim Cup

6. canals

7. Gold

8. Equestrian

9. b) Finland

10. d) Sumerians

11. Gdansk (Danzig)

12. a) Queensland

13. Laos

14. Trinidad / Tobago

15. a) Budapest

16. Gottlieb Daimler

17. Freudian slip

18. Minaret(t)

19. 15

20. Alexander the Great

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