Birds Quiz 6

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1. What is the alternative name of the Shakespearean character, Robin Goodfellow?

2. What type of bird appeared in the title of a book by Jack Higgins later made into a film starring Donald Sutherland and Michael Caine?

3. In Golf, how many strokes under par is a birdie?

4. What type of bird did William Wordsworth address with the words ?Shall I call thee bird, or but a wandering voice??

5. Which instrument was played by the jazz musician Charlie ?Bird? Parker?

6. Who wrote the story on which the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film ?The Birds? was based?

7. Which bird was the title of a 1968 UK number 1 hit for Fleetwood Mac?

8. In the famous Monty Python parrot sketch, what breed of parrot had John Cleese supposedly been sold?

9. Which English football league club are nicknamed ?The Eagles??

10. Which British high street bank uses the eagle as its logo?


1. Puck

2. Eagle (The Eagle Has Landed)

3. One

4. Cuckoo

5. Saxophone

6. Daphne Du Maurier

7. Albatross

8. Norweigian Blue

9. Crystal Palace

10. Barclays


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