Living World Quiz 3

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1. If a countryman was referring to the spur of an otter, what would he be describing?

2. What are the proper names for the tails of the fox and the hound?

3. What type of creature is a cavy?

4. When does the Grouse shooting season start normally in the UK?

5. What is the collective noun for a group of foxes?

6. What is the bony projection on the lower leg of a horse called?

7. Dark Cornish and Dorking are breeds of what?

8. An Australian Parakeet is more commonly known as what?

9. It was thought that dogs descended from wolves, yet what is it that wolves cannot do that dogs do?

10. What is the plural of Mongoose?


1. Its footprint

2. Brush, Stern

3. Guinea Pig

4. 12th August

5. Skulk

6. Fetlock

7. Chicken

8. Budgerigar

9. Bark

10. Mongooses


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