Animals Quiz 6

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1. Roe, fallow and sika are all kinds of what animal?

2. Arboreal animals are those living in which type of habitat?

3. Where in Gloucestershire is the headquarters of the Wildfowl Trust?

4. Which creature produces gossamer?

5. Which creatures may collectively be described as a unkindness.

6. What type of creature is a lumpsucker.

7. Which animal produces mohair?

8. In terms of canine achiement why is Lyka chiefly remembered?

9. Britain's undomesticated cats are breed called the "wild cat" and which other?

10. Of the smaller species of dinosaur, approximately how tall did they grow?

11. Which is the longest living land mammal after man?

12. Which animal has the Latin name of Lupus?

13. What is the fastest land mammal?

14. What is the name given to a baby kangaroo?

15. Which mammal do the Germans call a flying mouse?

16. Who wrote books about animals and also owned a Zoo on the Island of Jersey?

17. What family groups do dolphins travel in?

18. How many tentacles does an octopus have?

19. From which Continent do Macaws come from?

20. What was the name of the British TV personality who presented Animal Magic?


1. Deer

2. In or amongst trees

3. Slimbridge

4. Spider

5. Ravens

6. A fish

7. Angora goat

8. It was the first dog in space

9. Lynx

10. 12 inches:300mm (Allow 9-15)

11. Elephant

12. Wolf

13. Cheetah

14. Joey

15. Bat

16. Gerald Durrell

17. Pods

18. Eight

19. South America

20. Johnny Morris


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