Science and Nature Quiz 3

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1. What name is given to a male horse between the ages of 1 and 4 inclusive?

2. What type of animal is studied by a Lepidopterist?

3. By what more common term is a Crane Fly known?

4. What is the only mammal to have four knees?

5. What is a baby Kangaroo called?

6. What is another name for a Delphinium?

7. What type of farm animal is an English Romney?

8. From which country does the Chrysanthemum originate?

9. Which bird runs the fastest?

10. What is the first animal you would find in a dictionary?

11. How many legs has a tarantula got?

12. What type of car is an XK120?

13. How many sides does a banana have?

14. Who discovered the square on the hypotenuse?

15. What number does the Roman numeral XCI represent?

16. What kind of baths are recommended to be two and a half inches deep?

17. What is the tallest horned animal?

18. What do insects do through their spiracles?

19. How many fingers are used to indicate a ?W? in sign language?

20. What is an infant seal called?  


1. Colt

2. Butterflies/Moths

3. Daddy Long Legs

4. Elephant

5. A Joey

6. Larkspur

7. Sheep

8. Japan

9. Ostrich

10. Aardvark

11. 8

12. Jaguar

13. 5

14. Pythagoras

15. 91

16. Birdbaths

17. Giraffe

18. Breathe

19. 3

20. Pup


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