Human Body Quiz 7

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1. What is the scapula?

2. What is the scientific name for the kneecap?

3. Which part of the brain regulates physiological stability in the body?

4. Which is the most acidic part of the digestive system?

5. What is protected by the cranium?

6. What tube connects the Kidney to the Bladder?

7. Where in the human body do you find the Alveoli?

8. A bone is joined to a muscle by what structure?

9. Where are the red blood cells made?

10. What is the correct name for a red blood cell?  


1. Shoulder Blade

2. Patella

3. Hypothalamus

4. Stomach

5. Brain

6. Ureter

7. Lung

8. Tendon

9. Bone Marrow

10. Erythrocyte


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