Science and Nature Quiz 8

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1. Which German dog was bred for digging out Badgers?

2. What weight is another name for the Snow Leopard?

3. What animal did the lions share of farmwork during the Middle Ages?

4. What is thr favourite food of the Death Watch Beetle?

5. What name is given to chicken under 1 year of age?

6. What is the lifespan of a Mayfly?

7. How many wings has a Bee ?

8. From which country does the Wombat come?

9. From which part of a cow does silverside come?

10. Why does a Glow Fly Glow?

11. What colour is copper sulphate?

12. Where was the first British nuclear power station?

13. Which element is used to make the rod found inside an ordinary electric battery?

14. Which two elements are alloyed to make brass?

15. What instrument is used to detect radiation?

16. Where is a bird's patella?

17. Pulmonary refers to which part of the body?

18. If a person has myopia what problem does he or she have?

19. What is the chemical symbol of tin?

20. .What did Jacques Cousteau invent?  


1. Dachshund

2. Ounce

3. The Ox

4. Wood

5. Pullet

6. 1 day

7. 4

8. Australia

9. Top of rear leg

10. To attract mates

11. Blue

12. Calder Hall

13. Carbon

14. Copper and tin

15. Geiger counter

16. Knee

17. Lungs

18. Short sighted

19. Sn

20. Aqualung


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