Birds of a Feather Quiz 1

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1. Which group had popular hit in 1986 with ?happy hour??

2. In which film starring Humphrey Bogart did he say the very last line ?it was the stuff that dreams are made of??

3. What was the name the craft that landed in the sea of tranquillity? in July 1969?

4. What is the nickname for Torquay Utd football team?

5. In golf, by what name is two strokes on a par five hole generally known?

6. What musical bird is the only bird that can fly backwards?

7. I am the biggest bird in Australia and Africa. I have a long neck and spindly legs. What am I called in Australia?

8. The collective noun ?paddling? refers to a gaggle of which bird?

9. Which bird is said to have sung in a famous London square?

10. If a countryman said ?listen, there?s a yaffle? to what bird would he be referring?  


1. The housemartin?s.

2. The Maltese falcon.

3. Eagle - moon landing module

4. The gulls.

5. An albatross.

6. Humming-bird.

7. Emu. (ostrich is the name used in Africa)

8. Ducks

9. The nightingale.

10. The woodpecker.


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