Science and Nature Quiz 9

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1. In maths, what is meant by three dots in a triangular formation?

2. An intrusion is the collective for which group of insects ?

3. What descriptive term is applied to force 11 on the Beaufort scale?

4. The piece of cartilage which divides the nose into two separate chambers is called what?

5. What is the study of birds called?

6. In 1922 what was first used to treat diabetes?

7. What colour would litmus paper turn if you rubbed it on damp washing powder?

8. Which farm animal?s fat was a main ingredient in explosives during WW2?

9. Charolais and Dexter?s are breeds of which animal?

10. How many degrees are there in the angles of a triangle?  


1. Therefore or because

2. coakroaches  

3. violent storm

4. Septum

5. Ornithology

6. Insulin

7. Blue

8. Pig

9. Cattle

10. 180


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